Monday, 18 December 2017

Im Back !

assalamualaikum friends. i havent been updating stuff because im super busy. but dont worry guys. im still gonna update you guys. so 5 months ey ? anyways im just gonna do some short short one for my blog because im not that pro guyss. my aunt is getting married ! but im not sure what to wear because the theme is champagne,copper and burgundy ? comment down below guyss and help me ! anyway im actually in a rush and if you guys dont know yet im freaking in love with finn wolfhard from stranger thingsss !

actually if you guys have anything just anything to ask just tell me in the comment section below ya ! dont shy shy cat. im doing this new thing which is im gonna add some motivational/ tumblr qoutes down below to brighten up your day. dont worry i can cheer you guys up ! xoxo k

Saturday, 29 July 2017

top 10 my favourite songs



Hello people . For starters , lets start with the TMI Tag . There's like 50 questions but im just gonna answer 20. okay lets start !


Im just an ordinary girl that loves to write , talk and party with my phone and laptop . helllo. im khairina you can call me khairina or khai . Welcome to my blog ! I will use 3 languages in my blog post which is english , malay and manglish. this is more like a personal blog. my blog contains about my life. and sometimes opinions on stuff . And i love listening to music . Up there on your right are some of my personal favorite songs. hope you will enjoy my blog . Any questions you can ask me from the chatbox :).